As part of a big Italian family that loved to eat, young Pino often found himself lending a hand in the kitchen.

He was inspired by the way food brought people together and longed to expose others to the emotion that creating and sharing recipes stirred in him.

In 1987, Pino and his new wife Betty started their very own deli. In the rising age of supermarkets, these two returned instead to the source—the farmers, the vintners, the makers—always ensuring customers felt connected to the origins of their meals. Pino began to experiment with food, traveling up and down the countryside to soak up the unrecorded cooking traditions of Italy, giving new life to old recipes. People came from miles around to buy from La Bottega del Prosciutto.

The Garganos eventually sold the deli to begin a bed & breakfast in San Michele al Tajliamento. Today, Pino continues to spend his time creating, scheming, and telling stories in the kitchen. He shares his passion for food with every guest—and now he'd like to share it with you.

It's Your Turn.

Pino's gathering all his favourite recipes and sharing them with you. Now it's time to get cooking!

You're invited.

There's always room at Pino's table. Follow the blog for a window into his authentic Italian kitchen!